BYSEC.IO Community Rules

BYSEC.IO is the world's first blockchain security expert community. As a distributed autonomous organization,We connect blockchain industry security experts and project parties to build an efficient and transparent security information community.The BYSEC community will provide community services for the eco-safety of the blockchain industry.Security experts submit vulnerabilities to get rewards, while reducing the project's losses and achieving a win-win situation.

Security experts should...

Respect the rules. Operate within the rules set forth by the Security Team, or speak up if in strong disagreement with the rules.

Be patient. Make a good faith effort to clarify and support their reports upon request.

Honest and Reliable. Do not submit false vulnerability information, do not disclose details of the vulnerability and vulnerability related details submitted in the community

Do no harm. Act for the common good through the prompt reporting of all found vulnerabilities. Never willfully exploit others without their permission.

Project parties should...

Prioritize security. Make a good faith effort to resolve reported security issues in a prompt and transparent manner.

Respect Security experts. Give security experts public recognition for their contributions.

Honest and reliable. Do not provide false project information, please cooperate with the community committee's review of the project.

Do no harm. Not take unreasonable punitive actions against finders, like making legal threats or referring matters to law enforcement.

Community committees should...

Privacy protection. The Community Committee protects the privacy of security experts and project parties and does not disclose information about community-related personnel or vulnerabilities to third parties.

Be fair. Supervise the behavior of safety experts and project parties. When there is a dispute between safety experts and project parties, the community committee will investigate and coordinate the process.

Code of Conduct

Ⅰ. No abusive language or harassment: Any form of hate speech, profanity, or threats will not be tolerated. Nor does the community tolerate any discrimination based on age, ethnicity, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, sexual or gender identity and orientation, physical appearance, political beliefs, or other protected classes.

Ⅱ. Only use official communication channels: Do not use personal emails, social media accounts, or other private connections.

Ⅲ. Cheating is forbidden, including collusion between security experts and project team members, submitting and closing threat information on their own, and improving their status within the community.

Ⅳ. No extortion or blackmail: Any attempt to obtain bounties, money or services by coercion is not permitted.

Ⅴ. No unauthorized impersonation: Any unauthorized attempts to socially engineer another party through impersonation of a member of the community committee will not be tolerated.